They were wrong!
They were all wrong!
They were more than wrong!
They were the wrongs!
That couldn’t have made right.
They told us lies
Lies coated with much fear
They forced them
Down our unwilling throats
And we suffocated,
Gasped for an intake
Of the freshest of air-
The truth.
About the Bible
They told us lies.
About the God
Of the bible,
They fooled us.
They did lie
In hypocrisy
With faces like flint’s.
They told us of a father
Who shall treat
Us like slaves.
Of a taskmaster
Who waits on us to err
Just this once
And then- Judgment.
They told us He will
Never ever pardon.
They told us in stead
That he is more than apt to
Cut us down in our primes
For the frailties and failings
Of our earthly frames.
Who is that creator I ask
Who knowing the frames
Of his creatures metes
Out penalties to his
Products for the
Insufficiencies of his handiwork.
His handiwork I say,
Not His handiwork’s handiwork.
If there was a blame
If there was a fault
If there was a stone
If there was a curse
If there was a stripe
For our imperfections
They all landed on
our perfect substitute.
I’m crucified with Christ
Nevertheless I live…
Preacher don’t preach
Me nonsense-
I know who I am.
(C) 2014, Ayooluwa Oyelere