Last night, I was feeling very mushy about a lady. And it lasted for some minutes. I had dreamt up stuff, and without further delay, placed on her a pending status of ‘future bae’. I tell you, it was a sweet moment.

Suddenly, in a characteristic sincere and critical manner, I heard myself speak to me: “Bros, Bros, Calm down…calm down!”. I was still trying to figure that out when he continued, “We’ve been here before. Haven’t we?….We’ve arrived at this same spot before, not once, not twice…. So bros, calm down”.

But then, I protested: “but these feelings are real this time!”. “Weren’t they real the last time, and the one before the last?” He responded. And I could not deny it. I had to pause.

There, and then I remembered the words of my mentor: Time is always a true test.
Then, I ‘gentled’.

You see, as a single brother or sister, I can guarantee that, from time to time, we’ll probably meet people that look like our ‘there’. And nothing will be wrong with that. It is proof that we are human. But then, it will always be either of these two: that they really wowed us, or our emotions just looking for succor.

Whichever way it is, time is a good test. It puts things in perspective. It reveals our inner thoughts to us. It helps us understand ourselves. It helps us realize the depth of our intentions.

So whether this is the Love we have been waiting for, or just an assuage for our emotional aloneness (which is different from loneliness)…let time be the test. We can’t be too pressured to want to be-in-love that we make deep commitments on a shallow basis. Our future spouses deserve more than that.

It’s either time reveals and deepens the Love we think we have for them, or it leads us otherwise. Whichever way, we’ll both be better for it. (As for the duration of time, let each man be true to himself-the spirit within him).

I am theimisiOluwa; Dear FutureBae, are you coming soon or I should continue to face my work?