Tonight, I’ll just wallow in the pain
The pain of disappointment

I had great expectation in mind
She was excited in a different way
Same thing, different expression
I must admit it hurts
But then, there’s no holding her for it
It’s the round peg and square hole again
She was right, and I was too
Both right, but different
So I’ll just let the pain be
The pain of losing my ego
I’ll tell her about it
But when the hurt is gone
So I don’t hurt her for it

A Princess in the lineage of great Queens
Beloved daughter of her Father
There’s no holding you for this pain

So, for all the times you’ll not do what I expect
I forgive you
For all the times you’ll do what I dislike
I forgive you
For all the times I won’t even understand why you did what you did
I forgive you
And for all the times I’ll also do all these to you
You forgive me

This two surely becomes one

Adeola-mi, I Love you torí torùn.

This Two becomes One

(C) 2014, Imisioluwa.

Sleep Sweet!