Little Lines – 01

It was first the thought for me; the thought of you, that is. The thought that someone could be described as you were, that someone like you really exists. As I heard the words off my friend’s mouth, and the many appellations they adored you with, I was in awe.

At first, it wasn’t one of sensual feelings, or of selfish desires, just pure admiration of such an awesome personality.

That day, and all the days after, I’d think of you and give thanks, that you really are, somewhere, a reality, and in many ways, a blessing to those known of you. “What does she look like?”, I’d wonder. I’d daydream too, just enough to avoid deluding myself. And then I’d looked forward to meeting you, like a child yearning for a Christmas present. Pure excitement and anticipation. Perhaps, I could be worthy of such grace.

It’s been a few months now, and I still feel the awe as it was those days when all I had was only the thought of you. The thoughts haven’t changed. The awe remains, even deeper than any familiarity could have distorted.

You’re pure gold, enduring through many moments.
An elixir of many exotic drinks, intoxicating and sweet.

Yes, I think about you.
I carry this thoughts-of-you, like a loyal compass.
Many times, it is the calm in the tempest.
And company on the lonely waters.

I’m the ImisiOluwa; your not-so-secret admirer.