How will we survive this world without you?
How far can our ego and stubbornness carry us?
How will life be without the tenderness with which you relate with us, your patience?
How will we live without the sweetness you carry with you?
Who will we have to take care of and show love?
How boring will the day look without your beauty added to it?
How cold will the night be without the warmth of your words and embrace?
Who will hear our stories, complains, gists, and gossips first hand and correct our grammatical errors?
What need will there be to recharge our phones if you’re not on the other end of the line?
Why download WhatsApp if you are not there to chat with?
Imagine if the choir is made of only Tenor singers.
Sex wouldn’t even be interesting.

In short, life is boring without you.

Happy Women’s Day to all the Women in our lives: Grandma, Mummy, Big Mummies, Aunts, Big sisters, Kid sisters, Girlfriends, Sweethearts, Babes, Babies, Daughters….and the one who stands in a class of her own….Adeola-mi.

We are grateful.
You all deserve the best from us.


Sleep Sweet.