The #LoveWednesday section of this podcast is something I’ll always be super excited about, and that’s because it’s a combo. A combination of #LoveWednesday and Conversations with the Imisioluwa. And I’m glad you are reading this.

So here’s me saying ‘Welcome to #LoveWednesday 2.0 or #LoveWednesday+(hehehehe). You sha get the gist.

Sometimes, last week I saw a ‘gbas-gbos’ tweet that caught my attention. In the tweet, a certain young girl had expressed love to her beloved using one of our popular romantic phrases “I love you to the moon and back”.   I do not know the origin of that phrases but I can assume it’s an expression that came out of ‘something beyond this world’. Originally, this phrase should have gotten any average guy ‘awwwwwwwwwn’ endlessly, but for some reasons, this guy decide to be more than average.

In his response, an intelligent one at that, he went beyond the phrase to unravel what the truth – and implication of those words ‘I love you to the moon and back’. (Though in my mind I’ve always wondered why we are coming back). He intelligently showed why that phrase is not as romantic as it is often made to sound, proving that the journey to the moon is much less about 19 hours, and that does not depict a love that is endless. In his conclusion, when you tell that phrase to someone, you are only loving them for 19 hours. Yes, he took it literally. Here’s the tweet:

As I read this, I admired his ability to see beyond the obvious and show us we can do better than that phrase. And he did intelligently so, though I didn’t bother to check the calculations (in case there’s an error due to parallax).

However, a few days after, a friend posted in on his WhatsApp status and I decided to take a second look at the tweet’s argument, and there I saw it.