Day Nine

To the peddlers of the Law

Those who preach the consuming fire

Who have passports to hell

And make frequent trips there

Who sell fear, guilt, and rejection

And the religious pickpockets

The professional ones, and the upcoming

The ones you find in Oshodi park

And the ones with big cathedrals

(Apologies for putting you guys together)

I’m grateful for you

Your diligence is alarming

How you labor to reach the world

Your tenacity, and consistency

I must admit you do the job well

Of course, the cathedrals are evidence

You are simply successful in this

And success is only for hardworking people

I only wish your only focus is Jesus

Him only, and Him alone

Who he is, and what he did

To give the true gospel to men

But what does it matter

Whether out of envy, ignorance, or business

The message is preached

And to that, you do well

Keep studying the scriptures

“…and if in any thing ye be otherwise minded

God shall reveal this unto you.”

I am theimisiOluwa; and I’m still grateful for you.