Day Fourteen

To the single mothers
To the single daddies
Saviours of a rather odious circle
It’s even not about what happened
Nor a question of how you got here
But of your endurance and optimism
Of your emerging response-ability
How you manage to keep going on
Your head above the murky oceans
Of guilt, discrimination, and self-pity
Not deterred by the eccentricities
The difficulties of this eventuality
Just to give your child a better reality

I’m not even talking of the baby-mamas
To whom irresponsibility is a fashion style
Twisted reality claded in intense mediocrity
Not of her, the instagram celebrity
But of them, who wake up daily
Wondering how to survive the next day
Who linger at night with teary eyes
To the absence of a once precious love
Left alone to fight for this precious one
Who look up to God for help and strength
Who are forever humbled by the pain

I see you
I don’t know your story
And I don’t care how you got there
Your mistakes are yours to learn from
Or to repeat as though you care not

But I see you
And I feel you
My Father and I love you
You’ll survive, you’ll see
In the days beyond these
The pride of those little ones

Do not be afraid
Draw strength for each day
From within, the one who loves you
Your burdens, his to bear
His strength, yours too wear
As he leads you aright

I am theimisiOluwa; I appreciate your Strength.