Top Three Pet-Peeves | 30 Days Writing Challenge | Day Three 

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“Biko, what are pet-peeves?”

That was the first question I asked myself? I knew I had seen the word before, I never knew what it meant.  Now I do sha. Thanks to the challenge.

So my top three pet-peeves? I’m not sure I have so many. I am fascinated by many things and try not to get worked up over many things. I have to keep this peace. For me, the little things matter really.

My top three pet-peeves would be:

  1. Insincerity: Life isn’t perfect. We are not perfect. But you see those deceptive-scamming people (awon eeyan Hushpuppi), I run from them. I can’t deal.
  2. Un-kindness: Yes, I can’t stand wicked people. People who can’t show grace and mercy to others. People who deliberately hurt others are a no no for me. And I don’t judge people by how kind they are to me, but how unkind they are to others. Just be a good person.
  3. Rage: For some reasons, I don’t understand why people can get so angry, flare up, and abandon reason. Be angry but be reasonable. I do not want to be with such people no matter how good they are in other areas. People should speak their minds and express their dissatisfaction, but what exactly does such uncontrollable anger bring? How does it solve the problem? How does it make people change? We can all calm down.

Two years ago, I unfriended a popular pastor on facebook. It wasn’t because he wasn’t teaching good or such, but I saw him as a very insincere person. In one year he was on side ‘A’ insulting everyone who said it was B, he called them fools and stupid. And then the next year, he started to say that ‘B’ was right. And that was not the problem. People are supposed to grow and get better, and should not be ashmad to correct themselves. But where I logged off was when he started to call the people on the same side ‘A’ he passionately defended the previous yeard fools and idiots, without offering any apology to those he is now defending. I just couldn’t deal. I had to protect my heart.

So yeah, those are my top three pet-peeves.

I am the ImisiOluwa; and I love you plenty.

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