Something I always think “What if…” About | 30 Days Writing Challenge | Day Eleven 

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Don’t get me started on this. I have a lot of them. My mind is the type that travels through multiple experiences, possibilities, and outcomes. So, the “what if?” room is one I dwell in very well. I battle with a lot of fears. I just have learnt to stick with faith, and find solace in the fact that within me is the power to determine the outcome of things.

I hope you don’t get shocked. (In no particular order)

What if?
What if I fail?
What if I don’t become all I could have been, and that beauty is lost for eternity?
What if I could have done better than I did?
What if these dreams don’t materialize?
What if I am not able to uphold these values for too long?

What if it turns out she’s not the one?
What if I don’t find love, in the ways I have imagined?
What if I don’t eventually get married?
What if I change?

But what if all these are just “what ifs”?
What if my life will turn out exactly as I always desire?
What if I find that love even easier than I have expected?
What if I’m able to uphold all these values I cherish?
What if I become an amazing husband to my wife?
What if I become that exemplary father to my children?
What if I write those books that alter the course of history?
What if my songs become people’s personal cherished possessions?
What if I enjoy that happily ever after?

What if Nigeria eventually finds the revolution it needs?
What if inequality becomes alien in our social circles?
What if pain and suffering never exist again?

What if I can go back in time to make different choices?
What if I had held off Love even longer than I did?
What if It had worked out the first time?
What if I had come earlier in history?

What if she says “Yes”?
What if she finally becomes mine?

What if?
What if?

I am the ImisiOluwa; but what if I am not?

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