Who am I?
What am I to do with my life?
Why am I to do the things I am going to do?
These are serious questions that plague our lives. From time to time, the meaning, purpose, and direction of life comes to mind. And I wonder, is there some purpose to this life or is life just another good work to be done.
For me, the early part of my life was laced with these questions. It was a malignant headache that wouldn’t go away. It drove me till I found answers. At that stage, the answers were a revelation. They were simple , direct, and revolutionary. I raved in the joy of finding fulfillment, and I figured I understood it completely.
But then, it seems as life progressed, and I got exposed to other things, people, opportunities, and possibilities, and became more aware of other areas or had deeper understanding of myself, the questions re-surfaced. Not like the answers I got no longer mattered. They did. They had given a clue to my destination, and a suitable direction. But now, there seems to be a call for deeper specificity. What am I to do with this area of my life? What one thing do I focus on? What do I start with?
Maybe there’s something wrong in my development process, one that keeps beckoning answers…
Maybe these are indicators of a life headed off course…
Or maybe it’s just a part of growth, a call to deeper understanding.
Perhaps this is a journey into clarity of what was once a broad life’s vision…
Perhaps one must always reevaluate, and re-invent…
Perhaps these questions are a course-correction mechanism…
Perhaps it is on this altar that new passions, zeal, direction, and purpose are birthed…
Some “you’ve circled this mountain long enough..” kind of thing…
I am not sure which it is.
But I believe the journey of self-discovery, purpose, and direction is not a one time thing.
We must always ask ourselves, what is life, and mine in particular?
What am I to do?
And what direction am I to go?
We must keep growing up.
I am theimisiOluwa; but really, who am I?
Have an awesome week ahead.

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