Who does not want to be in Love? Who does not want the one who cherishes and cares for them? Who does not want to be the reason for another’s happiness? Who does not want the one whose sight and words excites them? Who does not want the one whose interest they can protect forever?
Yes, we all want these- except for those with rather rare psychological conditions.
Everyone wants to feel loved. Everyone wants to look indispensable in the eyes of another. Even though we want to be loved by many people, we also want that one person who will see us differently from the rest of the world. We want someone who is concerned about the thoughts of our hearts. We want someone with whom we can share our worst memories and sweetest moments; someone who will see us for who we really are.

But then, we forget that every other person is like us, wanting and needing the same things too. We forget that the one we want also wants us to be all these to him or her.
We want the one who will be perfect, but we are not willing to be perfect for them and are quick to dismiss them and find another one at any sight of imperfection.
We want the one who will readily forgive our mistakes but are quick to crucify them for their wrongs. We want the one who knows and understands us, but are not willing to take the effort to understand our partners. We want a partner who accepts us for who we are but are not ready to do the same. We want a lover who is bold enough to declared their love to the world but are not ready to take a stand for them before our parents and other circumstances. We want a lover who is faithful but we are not ready to leave the others with whom we have attached our hearts.
We forget that every other guy or girl out there is like us, seeking the same things from their would-be partners.

When we finally meet that special one, we often forget it is not complete until we decide to make them feel special too. We forget that Love is never supposed to be a one way thing-that it is supposed to be mutual.
It is supposed to be about what we can offer the other party.
And that is the way the man-woman relationship is meant to be.

-My fear is not that we may not find the true love we want, but that we may not recognize it when it comes, and that we may not cherish, nurture, and protect the one we have found.

#IamImisioluwa and I love you gragociously (if you’ve found the meaning, please let me know).

(C) 2013, Imisioluwa.

Sleep sweet.