Dear Adéọlá-mi,

I keep wondering

Did you say ‘Yes’ to me or to my persistence?The fact that I stayed true to the moments
Of toasting, wooing, and waiting for your response
Never leaving your ears and DM, never relenting
Showing that I was bent on having you in my life

Did you say ‘Yes’ to me or to my proposal?
Those touching melancholic words I said to you
The promises of Love I made, the sheer confidence
How I proved I will be the Christ to your church
The romantic atmosphere, the depth of poetry

Did you say ‘Yes’ to me or to my specifications?
Those beautiful qualities that make me up
The character that you’ve seen me show
How I handle situations calmly and intelligently
The values for love, family, truth, and justice

Did you say ‘yes’ to me or to my dreams?
The beautiful picture of the future I painted
The amazing prospects that my life presents
The plans that I’ve shared with you
The same that I’m working so hard to birth

Dear Adéọlá-mi,
I’m not being paranoid here,
It’s just my curiosity at play
And I want to know

Did you say “yes” to these things
My efforts and tenacity
In combination or in isolation

Or did you have your own Love
All along, for me, with you?

I am the ImisiOluwa; Or am I being paranoid here?