Some Words of Wisdom That Speak to Me | 30 Days Writing Challenge | Day Nine 

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There are several thoughts-words of wisdom that speak to me. There is a whole lot. Since words mean a lot to me, I often read deep meanings into ordinary words sef. Why am I saying all these? It will be hard to choose one. So I guess I’ll just choose the first that comes to mind, or the most recent. In fact, the reason I hadn’t written in a while is that I couldn’t make up my mind on what to write.

Wait a minute! Hold up.

I just re-read the question right now and realized I wasn’t necessarily asked to explain just one. So I could just list out a few. Can you imagine? I had been paralyzed with the thought of finding the most important words of wisdom I could write about. Now, I do know what to write.

By the way, have you listened to my last podcast “Something About Prayer“? Oya, don’t dull o.

There’s an amazing life-changing story about these two thoughts I’m sharing. They define who I am, entirely. But I don’t feel up to sharing the stories behind them here because I have already written it in my upcoming book. (It’s the same book I referred to earlier in this series). So I’ll just drop them as they are.

  1. Rather than succumb to peer pressure, you can be the pressure others are succumbing to – Olusola Owonikoko, January 2010. If you wonder why I seem to have a mind of my own, then there it is. It’s the most underlying principle that drives me. I don’t have to do things because it is what others think, but because I think it is what I should do. (I may now be wrong o, but at least, I’m responsible.)
  2. B’ọ́gọ́rú ènìyàn bá kú lọ́jọ́ sátidé, orin àwa yìn ó la máa kọ lọ́jọ́ Sunday – Adewale Owonikoko (My Dad obviously), May 2007. However you live your life, if you die today, the world will move on, you might as well live the rest of your days for what is true to you. This also is why I am The ImisiOluwa.

I think they are self-explanatory. Watch out for the full gist and other thoughts when the book is published. (This one I am talking about this book if you like don’t buy and read. I will just break your head ni.)

I am the ImisiOluwa; I promise that I will finish this series. I promise.

I love you plenty.

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