#LIttleLines – 07

It was your face for me
The beauty like a royal emblem
Sitting pretty on that oval frame
Dark and shinning, no shades of inconsistency

From the first day I placed it
And the few times after
It became a part of my everyday
A thought that brightens them

As I look through my screen
On the many video calls
I’d stare and look, stare deep and see
Beyond the moment, beyond the immediate

I’d see the smiles as I recite the vows
I’d see the cringe as you react to my silly jokes
On late nights, on our matrimonial bed
And the wrinkles as you tell stories to our grandkids

I try to be calm, but on those calls
I’m just there screaming, in my mind
‘How did I ever land this bundle of awesomeness?’
Because you, my dear, are not just all that
But a hallmark of ravishing beauty.

You are simply sumptuous.

I am the ImisiOluwa

Love you Plenty.