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Faith, Life, Poetry

Empty Sin 

Photo Credits When out-of-place When out of pace with the creator Life suddenly becomes mundane with feelings of emptiness all coming unexplained You remember carefully when deep Joy was the order of the day And you wonder how come you’ve lost your way You wonder…

Faith, Life

Stop it! I hate you! 

Nobody’s life and destiny is meant to be subject to another. Why selfishly manipulate the life of another young boy/girl who would have been the solution to many of this world’s unending problems by using his/her entire life as an object to fulfill just your…

Life, Stories

I've got Ego! 

It’s so funny how much we lose to ego; so enormous, how much damage it can cause. Especially when it’s a relationship, it becomes more dangerous. I’ve seen marriages break because of issues like this. Children not willing to go back to beg their parents….

Life, LoveWednesday, Poetry

A Dark Night 

I clearly remember How dark it was that night Light being quietly estranged Shadows were in full might I couldn’t control me Speech failed, countenance changed Another heart enraged The darkness became worse We both fought for freedom But the darkness ate deep Deeper into…

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