The WITCHES, wizards and the household wickedness of the Saraki dynasty must have followed Bukola into 2015! If the butterfly which perches with ease dies nonetheless, then, it is a sad day for the frog who jumps up and down the ragged earth with reckless abandon.
AT a time when the entire nation entertained the collective hope of putting impunity in the past, Saraki blinded by his blind and dumb ambition decided to break the silence and get in the news. APC or no APC, we have a scapegoat that must not be allowed to escape in Saraki. He must be made to face the music not just because we are vengeful as a nation but his needs serve as a deterrent to fellow and aspiring political felons.
HIS backdoor senate presidency has put the last nail to his political coffin. That’s the danger of being a loser who plays the game of life by chance. His faulty assumption was that he had a ONE time golden chance to reach his dreams, unfortunately it was a one time golden CHANCE not only to lose his dreams but also his name, the peoples goodwill and as well become a historical failure.
ONE CHANCE whether in marriage, business politics or transportation has overtime proven to be a not so good model for success, a huge risk with a promise of little or no benefits at all.
It was such a wrong timing for one spoilt kid to rub it in the face of an entire nation that we are never going to have a sane Nigeria. What Saraki’s senatorial faux pass communicated to the mind of anyone with a progressive mindset is that Nigeria would neither be sane, great, proud, safe, nor experience peace or prosperity. Saraki’s conduct was a message of hopelessness spoken loud and clear on the pages of dailies and via the airwaves. That was too great a sin to allow without visiting the sinner with the necessary concomitant evil.
Whoever releases that sort of a vibration into the polity by word or conduct is not deserving of clemency. Such a man has shut the Executive and by extension the peoples bowel of mercy against himself and whoever share his name. Hence, his past must be dug deeeeeply into to excavates every conceivable reason to nail him to the cross. He would not be nailed because he sinned, he would be nailed because he is an addictive sinner, unrepentant and capable of spreading abroad his virus of impunity.
THE call to nail Saraki is not by reason of wickedness but needed to redeem our conscience as a nation.
The guy opened the doors of bedlam. He did it in such a daring manner to the admiration of his political wards online and offline who hailed him as courageous and having BALLs. May we see how far his balls and gut would save him from the imminent waterloo.
SARAKI having opened the pandora’s box has volunteered to carry a bee infested tree on his head all the way fro Kwara to Abuja. These are trying times for the Doctor, unfortunately for him, Olusola is no more and now the boy is gonn miss his old man like KILODE!

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