I Slept Peacefully

Yesterday, I slept deeper and longer than I had in many months. I twisted and turned, and slept till there was no iota of sleep left in my eyes. Right here in the city of Ibadan, away from home, in the living room of my barrister friend, a three-bedroom flat, you’d think the three-seater sofa […]

Sister Rose

I remember Sister Rose. Sister Rose Òdòdó ẹ̀yẹ[1], as I was found to whisper her name to myself. I can’t forget Sister Rose, not in this lifetime. I was a young teenage boy back then in Ilorin who had just come from Lagos. It was quite a difficult time for me trying to figure out […]

Your Face

#LIttleLines – 07 It was your face for me The beauty like a royal emblem Sitting pretty on that oval frame Dark and shinning, no shades of inconsistency From the first day I placed it And the few times after It became a part of my everyday A thought that brightens them As I look […]

Your Voice

Little Lines – 06 It was your voice for me In its many expressions That silky, sultry, and subtle Alto Yet, firm and inspiring First, in the occasional tones And then, in its regular occurrence A daily dose of bliss, a special effect Like water on a parched land Echoing through eons of nothingness It’s […]

Talking Stage

Little Lines – 05 It was then the talking stage for me The little conversations That grew into deep-seated ones Like daily doses of a rare elixir A mixture of care, concern, and Love It was the voice and words for me The many things we talked about The random songs we burst into The […]

Courteous Love

Little Lines – 04 It was first the courteousness for me Posh, prim, and proper Like one from an aristocratic dynasty Raised with royalty flowing in her veins The words came out with thoughtful precision To the good, the bad, and to all Yet with kindness and understanding Like one well-taught of the Lord How […]

The Day Came

Little Lines – 03 But the day finally came. That day, when this heart would finally open up – internally, at least. But open up nonetheless. The hiatus had lasted about four years with bouts of premature affections, almost leading to a relational comatose. But this was a breath of freshness, like the smell of […]

Not That Day

Little Lines – 02 Do you remember the first day that we met? No, not the first day our paths crossed. Not the day I first put a face to this awesomeness I’d heard about. Nor the day you first spoke to me with such calm, poise, and reverence.  Not even this same day that […]

My Guy. Literally.

My Guy. Literally My person, My favorite human being My best friend in the whole world My sunshine My personal gift from Abba Made & equipped to love me specially and specifically. My “spec”. A real human being Compatible and complementary to me My better “whole”. Not “half” Completely made for me I got the […]

My Dearest

My Dearest, It’s a little past 1am and although Valentine’s day is over, I still wanna write this to you. There are a lot of things I want to say, but somehow I keep fumbling for words. There are days when I wonder if I really know what love is. On some days I’m not […]


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