I Am Your Lonely Brother

I am your lonely brother The one you never knew The one you never noticed The one who’s been here all along The one who knew the truth Whispering and screaming “Brother, don’t listen to them” “Sister, don’t pay them any attention” Their voice of doubts and rejection Piercing through your fleshy heart But their […]

When Love Happens

#LoveWednesday Is it possible to stop thinking about you? Is it possible to totally forget you? Is it possible to get you out of my mind? Like, be immune to the sweetness you command Cos the way you fill my thought is quite enormous Not that I’m complaining, I’m just curious Was it I that […]


#LoveWednesday A lady deserves a man who loves her One who is falling head over heels for her One who is willing to pursue her strongly One who won’t take her for granted Nor give up on her But will persist and wait and even beg her One who has great plans for her One […]

A Couple of Things

A myriad of things while there is time To be done while the minutes chime beat the sands of time in the hour-glass Make memorial prints on the lewd grass A couple of phrases to calm the crowd Sweet words to cheer the woman who weeps loud Patient communion to soothe the angry Sweet Elixir […]

The Journey of Love

#LoveWednesday The Journey of love amazes me; The various paths that lead from singleness to ’till death do us part’ Many love stories have taken different routes, Especially when you ask ‘how did you meet?’, And all have met with equal possibilities for success and failure. Some people have only been in one relationship all […]

Friendly Monster

As I touched her hands Blood began to flow in my veins It was not the regular kind This one was a monster Within seconds my hands began to move In symmetrical movements around her And expansion on it’s way under me My mind raced to and fro To let on or let go, but […]

In the City up there.

Oh the city up there When will I finally see you? The city up above mine The height and power of the giant man When will my eyes meet you? Your immense fly overs, or so I heard Your awesome beauty, or so they said When will my feet step thee? My motivation is uncertain […]

Letter to the Girl Child

Dear Girl Child, How ashamed I am writing this to you? How terrible have I been to you all your life? As I stand here today, I remember all the things I have done to you, and I feel so guilty. The creator gave you to me, a gift to be treasured Often times, the […]


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Background Vocals:  
Ayodeji Ogunleye
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