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Exegesis and It’s Antagonists 

It is quite funny, or rather sad, that the people, my pastors and friends alike, who emphasized “exegesis” as a way to understanding God’s mind while they disputed my ‘mummy’s generation’s’ understanding of the scriptures along the lines of ‘covering the hair’, ‘wearing trousers’, ‘women…



BASTARDIZATION I once saw a church write, “at (the church name), your success is guaranteed”, and I sincerely appreciate the effort of their publicity coordinators. But it seems to me that there is a hidden ‘only’ in that statement that is read unconsciously and it…

Faith, Life

Same Nonsense 

Sadly, some of our preachers are guilty of the same things they accuse other preachers of; they’ve only found more Greek and Hebrew words, bible verses in several translations, and more time (as against the exhortations they call the sermons of the other preachers) to…


It happens. 

#randomtots It happened in church on sunday, just as the praise and worship ended; as my eyes met hers, her smile broadened, revealing her gorgeous teeth; time stopped and so did my heart. Sitting at the choir’s stand, I could see the entire church, including…


As a Worship Leader 

As a worship leader in my church-(the big, strong, and reliable Rhema Mass Choir), I get mad sometimes, when I see some ‘big boys and girls’ in church on Sunday morning who do not partake in the worship, nor close their eyes, who do not…


Love Parallel 

(Photo I wonder what is this ‘thing’ called Love. What is it that makes a woman want to cleave to only one man for the rest of her life? What gives her the assurance the man will make her happy all the days of…


2014; My Year of…? by Imisioluwa 

Come 12am tonight, 1st of January, many Senior pastors and churches will roll out the much awaited ‘Word for the year 2014’. The word, often written as “2014, My Year of…..”, usually signify the direction God will have each church go, or perhaps, a prophetic…


The City of Ilorin and Fire. 

Is it a coincidence that almost every poster in Ilorin this season has something to do with ‘Fire?’ Those who are not ‘reviving’ it are making a ‘crusade’ out of it while the others are having a ‘festival’ for it. What else can we ask…

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