The City of Ilorin and Fire.

Is it a coincidence that almost every poster in Ilorin this season has something to do with ‘Fire?’ Those who are not ‘reviving’ it are making a ‘crusade’ out of it while the others are having a ‘festival’ for it. What else can we ask for in a city like this, than that the fire of God should come down afresh? Of course, I do not doubt the ability of God to send his fire, or his willingness to want to do so, but I do doubt our intention and the general condition of our heart.
We want a show of God, an event where people are moved under the anointing, this is good, but much more than that, I’d love the churches to ask for the fire of Love, Sincerity, Compassion, Faith, Truth, Patience, Longsuffering etc and even have a festival for such. I’d prefer a crusade where we talk about the truth of our identity as children of God and learning proper behavior like true sons, just as Ephesians 5 admonished us.
We don’t have a problem showing up in church for religious activities but many of us soon forget the essence, the moment we meet that troublesome neighbor, or abusive taxi-driver, or that annoying classmate. I’d prefer we concentrate on the Lifestyle than the events.
Like my friend, Olutayo Osunsanya will say, “the devil does not mind us doing so much, as long as we are not doing the right things.
As much as we love the anointing on our Ministers, we also want to see them show quality character. We not only want to see the gifts of the spirits but also the fruits of the spirit.
As I write this, we have just finished a week long event on the same theme in my church and I can only remember, clearly, three of the messages preached: Overcoming Temptation, Turning Towards God, and Overcoming Fear.
Whether the preacher of theses messages is anointed or not, I do not know, but what I know is that she is a true child of God and any day, I will chose that over anything.
Of a truth, Sincerity is contagious. So also, Character is of great value

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