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Keshi Was Here 

Player of players, coach of coaches, Winner of winners, man of men. Hubby of hubbies, hommie of hommies, Nigerian of Nigerians, patriot of patriots. He kicked, taught to kick And to caught – the leathers. Keshi kicked kicked kicked And…….. Keshi kicked the bucket. When…

Faith, Life, Poetry

Saul, Saul, Saul. 

Imagine if Samuel had said instead “Saul…Erm… Erm… Your kingdom should be torn away For your disobedience…But erm… God needs you to stop the Philistines He can’t do it any other way So let’s just forget what I said That Obedience is better than Sacrifice…

Life, Poetry

My Pride 

He came right to me Looked me in the eye Wondering what kind of a monster i had become At least in his eyes He questioned my excitement He questioned my energy,my strength He wondered why a young man like me would keep raising his…

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