To the Corrupt Politicians

Day Twenty One

To the corrupt leaders
Of the Federal Republic of Nigeria
The known and unknown
Who secretly dismantle the fibers of this nation
“àwon eni ibi, àwon èèyàn k’éèyàn
Tó ń gbénú òkùkù, tó ń t’afà sínú ìmólè”

We thank you, àbí what shall we do?

Even though we know you won’t last
It’s your children that we pity
When they’ll have to change their names
To avoid the shame you’ll put them through
Men whose souls are sold out to evil
Manufacturers of iniquity

Awon wèèrè, oníranù ‘someborris’

Your days are numbered
Enjoy the money while it lasts

Stupid people

But we thank you
At least you contested
You labored
By book, or crook
You showed up, and won
You are occupying the office
That’s still some responsibility

Thank you.

I am theimisiOluwa; I’m not particularly grateful for these ones.

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