Day Twenty Two

To Music for Development
Team, Crew, and Volunteers
You never seize to amaze me
Your strength and passion
To impact the world with music
Is beautiful and encouraging

For all the times you heeded the call
For all the times you showed up
For all the times you gave
For all the times you made sacrifices

The nights of rehearsals and meetings
Impromptu, and others that didn’t even hold
Travelling across cities
Not in private jets or cars
But packed in to save cost
Is it days of looking for venues?
Writing letters and literally begging
Times of carrying music equipment
From Moremi to Pit Theatre
On Afro-styled head, and the other bald ones
On empty stomach
With only the hope
Of a small looking doughnut
And ‘pure water’
Yet pouring out awesome musical ingenuity
World-class musical innovations
Touching men’s heart
Easing their pains and hurt
Inspiring them to be better

You guys are Superstars jare
You make all the sense in the world
And I’m so grateful for all the effort
And I wish you great success
Last year was Awesome
This year will be more

I am theimisiOluwa; and I am grateful