Saul, Saul, Saul.


Imagine if Samuel had said instead
“Saul…Erm… Erm…
Your kingdom should be torn away
For your disobedience…But erm…
God needs you to stop the Philistines
He can’t do it any other way
So let’s just forget what I said
That Obedience is better than Sacrifice

I know the Law of God isn’t written
In your heart nor in your hand
I know you care less and are clueless
But we can always override that
Just hold back the Philistines

You needn’t deliver the oppressed
You needn’t love mercy and Justice
Just hold back the Philistines

You need not return to my statues
You need not amend your ways
Just hold the Philistines away
For you are God’s chosen.”

But Samuel didn’t.

The gate of hell will not prevail over the Church whose, head is Christ.


Good Morning.

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