I thought the terror of the Philistines was always an indication that the Israelites had forsaken God.
I thought the Philistines come to oppress the children of the covenant only when they have forsaken their first Love.
I thought their response was not to devise strategies to conquer the Philistines but rather to go back to Abba.
I thought the Israelites had peace for as long as they did right.
At least, that’s what Bíbélì says

But why have we taken a different course, like bastards to our cloud of witnesses.

Rather than repent, and realign,
We devise schemes:
“Vote this for your survival!
If you don’t, you are done for!
It happened in Turkey”

Ómà se ò, Omo eni ì bá joni àbá yò.

Repent first, everyone of you.
Go back to Truth himself
Desist from mere organized religion
Desist from your pursuit of wealth

The eyes of the Lord goes to and fro looking to show himself strong in the behalf of those whose mind is stayed on him.

The Church is marching on.

#IamImisioluwa, and I’m not through yet.

Happy New Month

Good morning.

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