I’m Not Available in Jesus Name

It was a normal evening that day, many years ago, on my way to church, when this friend approached me. It must have been a Wednesday as there was a major concert that Friday night. I’m guessing it was “Dunamis” of the Rhema Chapel Campus Fellowship, Ilorin and he needed a tenor background vocal for […]

To my Fans and Followers

Day Twenty Five To you Who faithfully follow me Who are at the receiving end of my incessant rantings Who are too nice to oppose my gibberish Who hold back wisdom to let my ignorance thrive To all who accept me, and my writings Who like, share, comment, and encourage me Who have been blessed, […]

To All Who Embraced Grace

Day Seventeen To all who embraced Grace Who worked harder than the rest Who did the most difficult task of believing Of believing the Gospel Of taking God for who He is And what he said he has done Those who daily give the glory to Jesus Not a show of their strength Who let […]

To The Single Mothers

Day Fourteen To the single mothers To the single daddies Saviours of a rather odious circle It’s even not about what happened Nor a question of how you got here But of your endurance and optimism Of your emerging response-ability How you manage to keep going on Your head above the murky oceans Of guilt, […]

I’m Grateful for Her

You see, It’s not easy being in Love with a guy like me
My craziness, weaknesses and all my issues. But you #Adeola,
Thank you for your patience. I am theimisiOluwa.

I’m Grateful for my Proteges 

“I may know some things that you don’t.
I may have made some decisions with my life that makes me standout.
I may pay attention to some things than others.
But friends, and partners is what we are at best.” I am theimisiOluwa; and tonight, I am grateful for my Protégés.

I’m Grateful for my Mentors

I am theimisiOluwa, Tonight I celebrate my Mentors, role models, and Coaches, Big mummies and daddies,  brothers, and ‘Aunties’, men and women whose wisdom and examples triggers me. Men whose words keep me going in my time of confusions, and exasperation.

New Beginnings

Thank you for a wonderful 2017. Let’s rock 2018 together. A new beginning provides us space to gasp in places we have run out of breath A new beginning takes the crippling guilt of our previous failures away A new beginning allows us the chance to lay the failures of our yesterdays aside A new […]


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