To my Fans and Followers

Day Twenty Five

To you
Who faithfully follow me
Who are at the receiving end of my incessant rantings
Who are too nice to oppose my gibberish
Who hold back wisdom to let my ignorance thrive

To all who accept me, and my writings
Who like, share, comment, and encourage me
Who have been blessed, enlightened, or informed
By my writings and events

I want you to know you are a life saver
You save my life daily
The hope that there’s someone at the other side
Waiting and expecting to read from me
Brightens the details of my rather lonely life

However, my nuisance should not be your inconvenience
I post because you let me do so
If at anytime, you think otherwise
Please don’t hesitate to let me know in Love
And I’ll adjust accordingly
You are that important

Thank you for always reading
Thank you for letting me write to you
Thank you for letting me inspire you
Thank you for following *theimisiOluwa* brand.

I Look forward to an awesome future with you
As God puts the right words in my heart to continually inspire you.

I am theimisiOluwa; and I LOVE YOU KALASTICUCIOUSLY (Of course, I don’t know what it means)

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