Thank you for a wonderful 2017.
Let’s rock 2018 together.

A new beginning provides us space to gasp in places we have run out of breath

A new beginning takes the crippling guilt of our previous failures away

A new beginning allows us the chance to lay the failures of our yesterdays aside

A new beginning affords us the opportunity to reflect and reevaluate ourselves

A new beginning helps us review and realign with our deepest dreams

A new beginning gives new motivation to pursue our otherwise abandoned endeavors

A new beginning inspires us in areas we have previously given up hope

A new beginning helps us chart a new course for our feet.

A new beginning brings with it a new energy for our lethargic limbs

A new beginning is refreshing and re-energizing.

There is Bliss in New Beginnings

And the other beautiful thing about new beginnings is that we can always create and re-create them.
A new beginning can happen in March or May, first week or fourth week, on a Tuesday or Thursday.

Here is a New Beginning.
And we are refreshed to do even better than we did before.

Happy New Year.

I am The ImisiOluwa
And I Love you plenty.