So two days ago,
I was at the beach,
and my phone decided to have some fun

Overwhelmed by the rising tides
The joy laced in the kids eyes
The excitement on their guardians
Lovers holding hands
And those who sold for few dimes

“Why should I be left in a tent where I can end up in the coffers of an over-excited Lagos dude?”

So, I yielded to its plea
Just for a taste of the sea breeze
Just to capture the sights of Elegushi beach

Sadly, it wasn’t prepared for the fun.

Or was I a victim of my own cross
Negligence betraying my love turned lust
All for a moment of ecstasy, and mad fun

It’s manufacturer didn’t think it needed such sophistication.
Or didn’t think I’d afford such aqua-immortalization

It’s been a year and eight moths
And with you, it’s been mad fun

You made 2017 worth every moment

And I’m not having a phone-less birthday.


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