Something I always think “What if…” About

Something I always think "What if…" About

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One Way Love

#LoveWednesday   In Love, You cannot love for two You cannot love her so much That you provide love for her And also provide her love for you It must always be hers to give It must always be a two way traffic not a roundabout or else, you’ll end in a U-turn.   You […]

The Journey of Love

#LoveWednesday The Journey of love amazes me; The various paths that lead from singleness to ’till death do us part’ Many love stories have taken different routes, Especially when you ask ‘how did you meet?’, And all have met with equal possibilities for success and failure. Some people have only been in one relationship all […]

…Of Decisions and Consequences.

#Randomtots In life, the decisions we make are important. They are the crucibles on which the realities of tomorrow are forged. However, there are no right or wrong decisions. There are only decisions that carry different consequences. And it is only our evaluation of these outcomes that determines how wrong or right the decisions were, […]

The Unborn Child

#randomtots   How does the fetus survive? In the darkness of the womb Day after day, yearning for light When will the months end?   What does the world have to offer? What will my life be? How will I look? Many questions on his pre-primitive mind Anticipation eats her up   He is anxious […]


#LatePost #LoveWednesday I thought she was beautiful That she took my breath away Didn’t know it was there all along By that, I mean my breath Until this very morning Apparently, it was the light At the cinema last night Not the one from above but from the screen Shinning in the darkness That cascaded […]


#RandomTots (A follow-up on ‘ODE TO A BROWN SKINNED BELLE’) Very rarely will you see such beauty Fair as the evening setting sun Yet, it’s her voice that sets me ablaze A fire that can never be quenched From her first note to the last She evokes feelings of inexplicable melancholy Pardon my over-admiration I […]


#LoveWednesday I just finished seeing the movie ‘Jupiter Ascending’ and it brings fresh feelings of Love. Until now I had a somewhat bad impression about movies that portray love; for my religious mind feels they get a lot of things wrong. Well…I am beginning to see some similarities with what I know love to be…so […]


#LoveWednesday Baby, I miss you so bad So bad that words can’t express But I won’t jump the gun I’ll just wait till the time is right Here’s what I’m gonna do Here’s how I’ll spend my waiting days Waiting till you’re finally mine Soul of my soul, flesh of my flesh For every time […]


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