…Of Decisions and Consequences.



In life, the decisions we make are important. They are the crucibles on which the realities of tomorrow are forged.

However, there are no right or wrong decisions. There are only decisions that carry different consequences. And it is only our evaluation of these outcomes that determines how wrong or right the decisions were, that produced them.

Decisions are made based on various premises: Instinct, experience, knowledge, calculation, permutation, inspiration, force, random, ignorance etc. Of all, inspiration comes from outside man’s consciousness, either his conscious or subconscious consciousness. He only needs to question his perception and interpretation of such inspiration.

However, in all, only TRUTH is absolute, all other things are relative.

In life, DECISIONS are made per second. One only need to take responsibility for his or her decisions, and enjoy the outcomes that come with them. And decide what premise will determine the next decision to be made.

I didn’t make life so, it’s the way I met it.

#IamImisioluwa; the story of my life.

(This is not an exhaustive discuss on DECISIONS and CONSEQUENCES. It is just some #randomtots).

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Sleep Sweet.

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