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#LoveWednesday #Adeola-mi Will you recognize me If I show up at the door of your heart, Introducing as the man of your dreams, The one you’ve always prayed for? Will you comprehend it If I tell you I really do like you; How I have…

Life, Poetry

One Way Love 

#LoveWednesday   In Love, You cannot love for two You cannot love her so much That you provide love for her And also provide her love for you It must always be hers to give It must always be a two way traffic not a…

Adeola-mi, Life, Poetry

Stop The Lies Jòó 

#LoveWednesday STOP THE LIES JÒÓ Stop telling us a lie Stop selling us half-truths Stop living in self-denial Slop playing the blame game Tell us how you both started sweet Tell us about the butterflies Tell us the joy you felt when you first…

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#LoveWednesday I just finished seeing the movie ‘Jupiter Ascending’ and it brings fresh feelings of Love. Until now I had a somewhat bad impression about movies that portray love; for my religious mind feels they get a lot of things wrong. Well…I am beginning to…


This Two Becomes One Too 

#LoveWednesday #Adeola-mi Tonight, I’ll just wallow in the pain The pain of disappointment I had great expectation in mind She was excited in a different way Same thing, different expression I must admit it hurts But then, there’s no holding her for it It’s the…


Friendly Monster 

As I touched her hands Blood began to flow in my veins It was not the regular kind This one was a monster Within seconds my hands began to move In symmetrical movements around her And expansion on it’s way under me My mind raced…

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