Stop The Lies Jòó




Stop telling us a lie
Stop selling us half-truths
Stop living in self-denial
Slop playing the blame game

Tell us how you both started sweet
Tell us about the butterflies
Tell us the joy you felt when you first saw her
And the peace that settled as she held your hands

Tell us how you couldn’t do without her
Tell us how you waited daily for him to come home
Tell us the promises you made to each other
And the assurance you had so deep

Tell us you knew she was made for you
Tell us how he fitted so perfectly with you
Tell us the sweet plans you had
And the sacrifices you were willing to make


Tell us how you eventually let things fall apart
Tell us how you stopped taking responsibility
Tell us how another woman began to entice you
And how you let your lust rule

Tell us how you could have taken a better stand
Tell us how you stopped caring
How you started to nurse thoughts of another man
And how you left the place of submission

Tell us how you began to turn away from patience
How you began to let anger rule
How you began to ignore the beauty you once cherished
Turning a blind eye to her swollen eye

Tell us how you stood before the judge
And signed that it was over
Tell us how you damned the consequences
And stopped making your love work

So, please

Stop making Love look like the problem
As if you didn’t have the best
Stop claiming he or she was the problem
As if you didn’t play a part in it
#IamImisioluwa, and I am sick and tired of all those(especially church folks) who stop growing and nurturing their love,  only to claim they married or are in relationship with the wrong person.

Enjoy the rest of your Evening jare.

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