I was going to write a different thing to you tonight, but the recent happenings around has turned me in a different direction.

You see dear, as we journey in this marriage, and as our wedding day draws near…

Before we enter into this thing, I want you to know….

And I mean it.

Well… why am I serious and sure about this.

My certainty is not in any human perfection that I have, or that I expect you to have.

Nor in the counseling sessions we’ll have in church before we are released for marriage.

Neither is it in the ‘súkésúké’ sermon on our wedding day.
My confidence is not in knowing all the marital principles, and ‘seven’ steps to marital success.
Nor in our ability to never offend each other.

But I’m thinking…

How can we have overcome something as serious as ‘Sin and Death’, and we won’t be able to conquer the demons of Divorce?

No… I’m just wondering ni o.

How can we have eternal salvation and we won’t be able to hold ourselves within the bounds of marriage for just this dispensation?

Then something is wrong with us o.

Maybe we don’t even know what we have believed. Maybe we are just deceiving ourselves.

No…. We can’t keep beholding, as in a mirror, the glory of the only begotten Son, and not be transformed into the same image.

We can’t focus on Jesus, his Grace, and the Love that ensured it, and not be able to replicate that in the little years we’ll spend on earth.

Except we are bewitched.
Or are focusing on the wrong thing.

This tells me we can’t just be doing religion up and down.
No… We can’t just be going through the motions.
Our allegiance can’t just be to one man of God or to one church or the other.
No… we can’t just come and go and be doing eye service with this thing.

Christ must be our focus.

We must let the eyes of our understanding get enlightened.
We may fall, make mistakes, and really fall short of some standards, but Adeola-mi, just as our salvation is secured in him, this our Love is too.

Just as the Grace of God abounds much more in the face of sin, with every offence, our level of forgiveness must abound.

And #Adeola-mi, you know why I am confident, I know I’m not getting married to one of those religious looking and sounding girls.

No, I chose you.

Sexy, intelligent, and sincere daughter of the most High.

And then I got high sniffing your Love on a ‘blublu baluba’.

So we will do life together.

Do tongues together.

Do business together.

Do crazy together.

Yes, Our love is ‘badt’ like that.

And gradually, grow into who we are in him.

As nothing can divorce us from him, nothing also can divorce us from one another.

Anything that happen, we will stay there together and fix it ni o. I’m telling you. Just like Jesus and the Christian are eternally joined together.


I am theimisiOluwa, the gentle black boy you have chosen to spend this life with…and I am honored.

(Disclaimer: This post is not intended to be an exhaustive discuss on the pros and cons of Divorce. I was just telling Adeola something.)

Love you Plenty.