To the Facebook Evangelists

Day Twenty Four To the Facebook evangelists And WhatsApp revivalists Who daily load us with words Words that have been kept from us for long Words of faith, of truth, and of grace Who echo the silent questions of our hearts Who engage our minds in spirit intelligence Who help us revive good thinking Who […]

Exegesis and It’s Antagonists

It is quite funny, or rather sad, that the people, my pastors and friends alike, who emphasized “exegesis” as a way to understanding God’s mind while they disputed my ‘mummy’s generation’s’ understanding of the scriptures along the lines of ‘covering the hair’, ‘wearing trousers’, ‘women holding leadership positions in the church’, ‘shouting Jesus seven times […]

The Carriers of Truth

  Sometimes, when you hear the truth from the mouth of stupid people, you tend to want to deny it. Yes, you tend to see the truth from the lens of their stupidity, and sometimes, you reject it. This happens. That’s why those who speak the truth, must be careful in the way they present […]

I Am Your Lonely Brother

I am your lonely brother The one you never knew The one you never noticed The one who’s been here all along The one who knew the truth Whispering and screaming “Brother, don’t listen to them” “Sister, don’t pay them any attention” Their voice of doubts and rejection Piercing through your fleshy heart But their […]

Day Seventeen-#40DaysAppreciation Challenge

To all who embraced Grace Who worked harder than the rest Who did the most difficult task of believing Of taking God for who he is Who daily give the glory to Jesus Not a show of their strength Who let Christ live through them Who are humble enough to be forgiven Who embrace Jesus […]

When Love Happens

#LoveWednesday Is it possible to stop thinking about you? Is it possible to totally forget you? Is it possible to get you out of my mind? Like, be immune to the sweetness you command Cos the way you fill my thought is quite enormous Not that I’m complaining, I’m just curious Was it I that […]

Recalibrating the Prodigal Son

#RandomTots   Could it ever have been possible for the prodigal son to ever understand? I mean, you have life going sweet for you; everything you’ve ever desired: money, booze, girls, affluence, etc…only that his accountant was not sincere with him. I believe it’s not easy to suddenly drop these things and head right back […]

A Stitch in Time

Perhaps, it is an expression of God’s mercy To guide a man to rock-bottom, Especially the one on the part of destruction Who has rejected Truth; To help him get to zero level quickly Where his money is gone, His energy is spent His relationship is lost, And his soul is weak The point where […]

One Way Love

#LoveWednesday   In Love, You cannot love for two You cannot love her so much That you provide love for her And also provide her love for you It must always be hers to give It must always be a two way traffic not a roundabout or else, you’ll end in a U-turn.   You […]

Please, Tell The Devil

Please tell the devil he didn’t win Tell him sternly, tell him clearly Tell it on the mountains, tell it in the streets If he didn’t in BC, then he didn’t in AD For forty two generations of life He was given a fair chance to try But he did only what he knew best […]


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