Sometimes, when you hear the truth from the mouth of stupid people, you tend to want to deny it. Yes, you tend to see the truth from the lens of their stupidity, and sometimes, you reject it.

This happens.

That’s why those who speak the truth, must be careful in the way they present it. Because, since the truth itself is bitter, people don’t want it in the first place, and will take the slightest appearance of your stupidity as an excuse to reject it.

However, if you want truth, if you really desire it, you must learn to always look beyond people’s shortcomings, weaknesses, and lack of manners, in order to see the truth they say.

Until people are perfect, the carriers of truth will always have one form of shortcoming or the other, that may, sometimes, even be against the truth they carry.

You, look for truth, in all sincerity.
And you will see it.