In Choosing A Lady

I’m careful in choosing the lady to whom the burden of my life will rest
I’m very careful, not for my sake, but for hers
You see it’s not just enough to like the way he talks
Not enough that he has good characters
Not enough that he is in a good career path
Not enough that he loves the Lord, and is creative

The definition of successful marriage we were raised with is very different
The way the right man is measured is slightly different
And I doubt if I want you to accept me on that basis
So I’m very careful

Dear future bae,
You seem not to understand this matter
You don’t seem to understand the responsibility ahead
The sacrifice, the persecution, the work to be done
The cross I have to carry, the burden to bear
You see, your husband is not here to just ‘make it’ in life
You should have noticed he’s not your average religious guy
He’s not just another good prospect kind of guy
Not just another guy who is likely to be successful
Those are not even his concern now, and may not be

So Adeola-mi,
You’ve got to see this as a calling
As a purpose in itself, by yourself
You’ve got to be whole in yourself
You’ve got to have your own life, mind, and love
You’ve got to ask yourself: what difference am I making in this guy’s life
Not just, will he make life better for me
Cos, that’s what I have for you too, to make a difference.

If all you want is the fulfillment of what to eat, drink, and wear
How to have an amazing wedding, then, I’ll just waka pass
Not for the fear of not being able to do all that
But more, for the fear that when all that have been met and done with, you might begin to feel out of place

Yours faithfully
Your loving-anti-conventional-naughty-weird-eccentric-sweet-sexy-nonreligious-spiritual-crazy future boo

I am theimisiOluwa.

Enjoy your Night.

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