Could it ever have been possible for the prodigal son to ever understand?

I mean, you have life going sweet for you; everything you’ve ever desired: money, booze, girls, affluence, etc…only that his accountant was not sincere with him.

I believe it’s not easy to suddenly drop these things and head right back home.
You can’t see clearly or listen to your heart at such time; when the girls are calling you “daddy”, “give it to me”, “you’re the man”; and the boys are calling you “Baba o”, “Badoo”.
They will even sing you Olamide’s songs, just to hype you.

But only because you are helping them get along with their own miserable lives.

Until, ‘the head of your mother’ comes to your rescue
Or is it her prayers now
Or that of your church members
Or of concerned friends
Or just the sheer mercy of God

Until something steps in…A disaster
Until the money ends and the girls disappear, moving to the next available ‘maga’;
And the boys find their levels too;
And you’re now all alone.

Only then, does the ‘omolúàbí’ in you begins to cry out:
“No…even my father’s servants have enough to eat”
Only then does truth become clearer

I think it’s unfair to expect people to change without helping them loose what is keeping them in the wrong in the first place

So I’ve decided to always help people by praying for them

Lord, let her ‘get pregnant’ quickly
Lord, let him catch STD fast
Oh Lord, let him lose all his money in the casino tonight
Oh God, let him fail quickly
Lord take away all these guys from her life
Help her get to the point of real ‘loneliness’
Let him exhaust his pride and ego quickly
Knock him down, and hard
Let him get to the place of humility

And lord, let me, and other sons and daughters of yours be right there at that moment to show them love
Let us be there to lead him aright, even in the path of ‘Truth’
Let us be right there to point them to Jesus, the only one that can save

And Lord, let these prayers be ours also, if ever we go their ways too

“For you will have all men saved and come to the knowledge of the truth”

#IamImisioluwa; So help me God.

Enjoy your Evening