What Make Marriages Last Long?


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What holds couples together?
What makes them last long?
What binds them forever?
What is the motivation that keeps marriages?

The thought that God hates divorce?
The dread of the wrath of disobeying him?
The fear of falling short of religious standards?
The shame of having missed the ‘will-of-God’?

The warnings from family members?
The encouragement from friends?
The stigma of having had a broken home?
The infamy of being called an ‘adélébò’

The thought that life isn’t always sweet?
The acceptance that every marriage has problems?
The ideology that every man endures pain?
The fear that the next one may be worse?

The fear of ‘where do I start from’?
The anxiety of who to help bear ones burden?
The dread of the pain that accompanies a heartbreak?
Or the responsibility of a single-parent?

The investment they’ve made together?
The life they have built together?
The fear of losing the reward for their labor?
The memories they’ve shared?

The children you’ve both brought forth?
The fear of seeing their heart-break?
The shame of having not setting a good examples?
The fear of ‘who becomes their new dad or mum?

The thought of his impeccable character?
How he works had to provide for the kids?
The thought of her perfect body?
How she makes effort to raise the kids?

The fact that you can’t explain why you love her?
Her sexual prowess and how she makes you smile?
The way he supports you like no other?
The way he just understands you?

The vows they made on their wedding day?
The commitment to rise above all odds?
The sheer mercy of God?
Or just luck and chance?

In the days when our marriage faces the same evil all marriages face, when we are confronted with the realities of this world, when we get to that point where we must decide to continue or give up; when our weaknesses and inadequacies begins to show up; when either of us makes a very grievous mistake…

What will hold us together?
What will make us last long?
What will bind us forever?
What will be the motivation to keep our marriage?


I love you Plenty

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