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Loneliness and Aloneness 

A man ( and a woman also) must intentionally create moments of loneliness for himself; times when he is left with nobody but himself; times when he is stripped of all such embellishments and additions; times when he is naked, where he sees himself for…


I can only smile 

What a way to end a day! Waiting all along, perhaps for a change Bitter, dreams are been shattered Never knew how much it mattered The heart cried, but no yonder could it herald Face swollen, the tears had to fight Two and a half…


Relax! Relax!! Relax!!! 

Relax! Relax!! Relax!!! That’s the words I tell my soul What else would I do? What other song shall I sing?  Than a song of comfort To my ever worrying heart Thoughts here and there Flowing and flying Along the course of my heart Trying…

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