To Those Searching for Survival

Day Nineteen To everyone who wake up On one morning or the other In a country like this Not knowing what to do, where to go What to eat, Nor where to sleep Dispersed across the Big Cities of this world Home and lost abroad Who wake up only seeking opportunities Whatever their hands shall […]

To Those Who Have Lost Loved Ones

Day Ten To those who have lost loved ones Who have experienced the pain of goodbyes Who can’t imagine how to live with this absence Whose mind are running wild with memories Memories of words, touch, looks, and moments “I remember the first time I met her” “Oh, I wish dad was around to witness […]

I Am Your Lonely Brother

I am your lonely brother The one you never knew The one you never noticed The one who’s been here all along The one who knew the truth Whispering and screaming “Brother, don’t listen to them” “Sister, don’t pay them any attention” Their voice of doubts and rejection Piercing through your fleshy heart But their […]

A Stitch in Time

Perhaps, it is an expression of God’s mercy To guide a man to rock-bottom, Especially the one on the part of destruction Who has rejected Truth; To help him get to zero level quickly Where his money is gone, His energy is spent His relationship is lost, And his soul is weak The point where […]

Loneliness and Aloneness

A man ( and a woman also) must intentionally create moments of loneliness for himself; times when he is left with nobody but himself; times when he is stripped of all such embellishments and additions; times when he is naked, where he sees himself for who he is, and void of the glamour, misrepresentation and […]

I can only smile

What a way to end a day! Waiting all along, perhaps for a change Bitter, dreams are been shattered Never knew how much it mattered The heart cried, but no yonder could it herald Face swollen, the tears had to fight Two and a half men left When shall the third be felt A symphony […]

Relax! Relax!! Relax!!!

Relax! Relax!! Relax!!! That’s the words I tell my soul What else would I do? What other song shall I sing?  Than a song of comfort To my ever worrying heart Thoughts here and there Flowing and flying Along the course of my heart Trying to find meaning to things Yet, getting hurt by its […]


Produced by:  
Background Vocals:  
Ayodeji Ogunleye
Cover Art:



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