Loneliness and Aloneness


A man ( and a woman also) must intentionally create moments of loneliness for himself; times when he is left with nobody but himself; times when he is stripped of all such embellishments and additions; times when he is naked, where he sees himself for who he is, and void of the glamour, misrepresentation and perverted views of his fellow men.
Yes, it is at such times that he discovers himself; that he finds out himself; that he learns to appreciate himself; and begins to fall in love with himself.
It is only on this note that any true love relationship should be built. For no man can love another if he has not fallen in love with himself. And no man can give himself to another, if he does not, first, find, and know himself.
If a man is single, let him not seek to be double until he has found himself.
If a man is double, then let him consciously create that lonely moments lest he has, since, forgotten himself.
However, all these can be automatically settled either single or married if a man will sincerely and consistently commune and meditate with the Holy Spirit.

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