painPain drives us

Pain pushes us

Pain causes us to dream,

To dream of a time the pain is gone


Pain drives us to seek comfort

Pain drives us to find relief

Pain helps us identify with others

Pain helps us develop compassion for others

Especially those who are, have been,

And will be in our shoes


Pain drives us to self-discovery

Pain leads us to the question ‘How did I get here?’

Pain helps us reevaluate our decisions

Pain helps us realize our wrongs

Pain helps us learn from our mistakes

Pain helps us rearrange our priorities

Pain helps us make better decisions

Pain helps us to change

Pain is good


If a man has not experienced pain, let him look for one.

And if a man is in pain, let him use it as a driving force to be better.


“…he learnt obedience by the things he suffered”. Hebrews 5:8