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From the beginning of time, man has always been different from woman in various aspect-psychologically, physically, mentally, and emotionally.
However, this is not an excuse for war.

This is not a reason for hearts to break.
This is not a reason for separation.
This is not a reason to abandon one’s family
This is not a reason for wife battery.
This is not a reason for extra-marital affairs.
This is not a reason for bitter court cases
This is not a reason for divorce.

With mutual understanding, sacrifice, and commitment, the man-woman relationship can be a haven of bliss. For it is not that we will not find true love but that we may not learn to cherish, nuture, and, protect it.

I vote for peaceful homes.
I vote for longsuffering in relationships.
I vote for mutual understanding.
I vote for faith in the time of doubts.
I vote for commitment to vows.
I vote for forgiveness.

#IamImisioluwa, and this year again:

I vote for Love

Have a blissful night.
Love you plenty.

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