Day Thirty Six – #40DaysAppreciation Challenge

To all the virgins The all-time virgins And those of 2016 In heart, mind, and body Who kept themselves chaste Who resisted the pressure of haste Who were willing to wait Nor for lack of a better option Or raging emotions But who know what value is Who were determined to stand still Whose character […]

The Burden of Love. 

​#LoveWednesday Tonight I feel lonely I know it’s just a feeling but then I wish I had someone to talk to Someone to share the thoughts in my mind Maybe then I can understand what they mean Someone to lay it all out to Well… I know you’ve asked “what is it?” You’ve asked me […]

Friendly Monster (For the Girl Child)

​#LoveWednesday As I touched her hands Blood began to flow in my veins It was not the regular kind This one was a monster Within seconds my hands began to move In symmetrical movements around her And expansion found its way under me My mind raced to and fro To let on or let go, […]

To A Same-Sex Attracted Christian 2

  Read Part 1 here. Brother, How are you doing? Did you do my assignment? I’m sure you did. I’m sure you saw the real you in light of God’s Word. Brother, that is the miracle of God’s Word! You see, the world is messed up… if you listen to the world, what impression do you […]

The Lover Boy

#LoveWednesday Some guys (and ladies) spend most part of their growing up years chasing and trying to make one relationship or the other work. They expend so much mental energies trying to toast a girl, maintain, or keep a relationship at all cost, while the girls they are pursuing keep moving on with their lives. […]

The Newest Way To Love

#LoveWednesday The way relationships happen these days amazes me Perhaps, the many failed relationships, Extended years of ‘’boyfriend and girlfriend’’ (And by that, I mean relationships without Any serious commitment), Easy access to sex and its progenitors, The desperation of picking a Saturday, The pressure mounted by makeup artists, Bridal and events companies, And creative […]

One Way Love

#LoveWednesday   In Love, You cannot love for two You cannot love her so much That you provide love for her And also provide her love for you It must always be hers to give It must always be a two way traffic not a roundabout or else, you’ll end in a U-turn.   You […]


#LoveWednesday (Read Part 1 at: Stop The Lies Jòó ) In all my years of listening to married people talk, I have not heard anyone admit that the challenges faced in the marriage of those who claim to have married the ‘will-of-God’ are different from those who didn’t. All they have said is: by marrying the ‘will-of-God’, […]


#LoveWednesday #StoriesBehindThePosts #2015PostsReview LET IT NOT BE (15/10/2015) I remember the night I wrote this post. Adeola-mi had been far away for a while and that was taking its toll. It was at that time that I met an old friend who I had preciously had a crush on, and before I knew it I […]

Love Is Sweet When…

#LoveWednesday#Adeola-mi Love is sweet when… All is seemingly okay and it seems she has all the right words to sayTraffic is lighter and emotions flow from one to another She agrees to walk home so you could hold handsHer ‘atlas’ and ‘yanshicamara’ is well packagedShe hugs you tight and your pulse increases But what happens […]


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