The Newest Way To Love



The way relationships happen these days amazes me
Perhaps, the many failed relationships,
Extended years of ‘’boyfriend and girlfriend’’
(And by that, I mean relationships without
Any serious commitment),
Easy access to sex and its progenitors,
The desperation of picking a Saturday,
The pressure mounted by makeup artists,
Bridal and events companies,
And creative wedding photographers,
Has turned things around

Today, It’s more like:
“I’m single, you’re single, let’s be double”
“I asked Sade out, she refused,
So I’ll just move on to her friend; she is a great lady too…”
“I met this girl, she just fine…if it works, I’ll marry her”
“There’s this girl I’ve been seeing, I’m beginning to like her”
“Emmanuel has a more promising future, I’ll just go with him”
“Three guys asked me out, but Sola is the best among them”
“I like Tayo but I’m not sure he really wants to do much
With his life. He doesn’t even want to do Masters!”
“I love Titi but she’s not ready to marry this year,
And that won’t fit into my time”
“Not that I really like him gan like that, but he’s a great guy,
A good Christian, with good career prospects…I mean,
What else do I want?”

What has this thing turned to these days?
What has now become our motivation for love?
Is marriage now some cheap business contract?
What happened to True Love
And that feeling that pierces deeply?
What happened to ‘love at the initial sight’?
What happened to ‘falling in love’?
What happened to “from the first day I set eyes on you,
I knew you were the one for me!”

Or have we gotten to an age where we now force our hearts to love who appeals to our brain?

#IamImisioluwa, I’m not even sure I know on what side to be on this matter.

Let me know what you think

Enjoy your evening

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Olalekan Owonikoko