Love Is Sweet When…


Love is sweet when…

All is seemingly okay and it seems she has all the right words to say
Traffic is lighter and emotions flow from one to another

She agrees to walk home so you could hold hands
Her ‘atlas’ and ‘yanshicamara’ is well packaged
She hugs you tight and your pulse increases

But what happens when…

She’s online and isn’t replying
And you exhaust your battery waiting for her ‘typing…’
You leave several missed calls on her phone
And you get no call back
You try again and the number is busy
“She is trying to call me” you say
But you wake up 2 hours later
Having slept off waiting
Waiting to hear ‘Iyawo mi-by Timi Dakolo’
Ring out from your phone

You spend the whole day to write a 40-line poem
Asking her to just say something
And all you get is ‘I’ve read it’

You have contrary opinions and she won’t change
You want to talk and she says she’s busy
She makes a wrong judgment and you lose your investment

You take her home and dad says you can’t marry an Ijebu girl
Your mom insists she be pregnant first to be sure she is not barren

Or what happens later when…
You have gone up and down
And in less than a minute, you’re all sweaty and done

Or when…
You want to ‘do’ and she says she’s tired
And you have to keep your build-up inside

If love is only about emotions, then we are doomed

Adeola-mi, when we shall have made a transit out of the ‘fairy tale’ phase of our fiercely burning love, and ‘real life’ stares us in the face, and presents us with ‘real crossroads’ and ‘real problems’, when ‘real choices and decisions’ have to be made, we will still be standing strong and hot.
God will keep us together always in his will and we will show the world that…
Ìféjùwónlo… (Love is greater than all)

Yours Sincerely,

Sleep Sweet.

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