Their Version of God

So…it was in church, two Sundays ago, that the Drama department had this presentation; it was a great presentation, at least in terms of the creativity of the actors. It was only when they started this depiction of God that I began to wonder, “Which God is this?” It was clearly not the God that I knew, the one who is called Love.
Let me give you an idea of their God.
In the drama, a daughter of God got so angry with God that her life was not like she wanted, so she began to ‘kí’ for God, that is, she began to accuse God. And gradually, God (the one that they painted to us) lost his temper, and would not take the nonsense again. This God got so angry that he began to revoke all the blessings he had ever pronounced on her, he took back the gifts that He had given her and after much display of his annoyance, walked out on the girl. God walked away from his daughter. The girl was so crushed and dejected that she began to beg God and plead. She wept and wailed so much but God would not listen. He was too angry to even hear her voice. She kept begging, rolling on the floor to the extent that we, the church members, were almost joining her in the ‘begging’.
Finally, after like ten to fifteen minutes of begging’, God in what sounds like “if not because you have begged me, and because of all these people, I wouldn’t have answered, and if dem born you well, try this nonsense next time, you will just lose your salvation completely”, finally listened to her pleas, drew her close and restored all that he had taken from her. And the first thing that came to my mind was, “even my earthly father would have done better than what this their God did”
I get their point in wanting us to fill sober for our sins, in letting us know we should be grateful for what we have, or in wanting us to have more respect for God, but I won’t accept painting a God other than the one in the bible and presenting my father other than He is. If it was a Hollywood or Nollywood movie, I’ll excuse their ignorance but in a church…

But then, maybe that’s just what they know God to be, and were sincere in presenting what they know to the church.
I can only pray, “Lord, let the eyes of our understanding be enlightened. Help us see you for what you really are. And save us from this deception of religion.”

I refuse to accept the God that walks out on his own.

#IamImisioluwa, and #IamChristian.

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