Twice Beaten

In the matters of Love… ‘Once beaten twice shy’ is not really about the beating, but the shame that accompanies it. There are several reasons why this shame is killing. One is the ‘shy'(shame) of having to see yourself in such sorry state. Maybe because you have previously thought of yourself to be strong and […]

The Burden of Love. 

​#LoveWednesday Tonight I feel lonely I know it’s just a feeling but then I wish I had someone to talk to Someone to share the thoughts in my mind Maybe then I can understand what they mean Someone to lay it all out to Well… I know you’ve asked “what is it?” You’ve asked me […]

To the Lover Boy

​#LoveWednesday Dear Mr Loverboy I need you to understand something: there are over 7 billion people in the world. Do you realize how many of that number is female? And how many of those females are within your age group? So the thing is,  Chances are, there are more than one lady  that will fit […]

When She Doesn't Want You

​#LoveWednesday You can kill yourself, Jump up, flex muscles and fight, And even come and go and die But dear, if she doesn’t like you, She just doesn’t like you. And more so, if she doesn’t want you, Then she doesn’t want you. You may be the nicest person to her You may solve problems […]

To The Single Brother

#Lovewednesday My heart goes out to the single brother (and sister), especially the one who has been ‘double’ before; who has once tasted love. He has had his heart entwined with another and it’s now hard to stand alone. He has tasted the sweetness of ‘the two that becomes one’. He has known what it […]

To A Same-Sex Attracted Christian 2

  Read Part 1 here. Brother, How are you doing? Did you do my assignment? I’m sure you did. I’m sure you saw the real you in light of God’s Word. Brother, that is the miracle of God’s Word! You see, the world is messed up… if you listen to the world, what impression do you […]

She's Just My Friend

#LoveWednesday He’s just my Friend She’s just my Friend Thank God for them The ‘He’s-just-my-friends’ of this life The ones who come at just the right time A time when our hearts can’t hold longer Who see our hearts broken and shattered And are determined to make it feel better The ones who give much […]

The Nature of Love

#LoveWednesday The nature of Love is to grow or die. It can’t be left on a spot unattended It is either serviced by nourishment Or impoverished by neglect Perhaps many of us young people don’t know this We initiate love, and think we can just let it loose We don’t want it to die, Yet […]


#LoveWednesday A lady deserves a man who loves her One who is falling head over heels for her One who is willing to pursue her strongly One who won’t take her for granted Nor give up on her But will persist and wait and even beg her One who has great plans for her One […]


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