She's Just My Friend



He’s just my Friend
She’s just my Friend
Thank God for them

The ‘He’s-just-my-friends’ of this life
The ones who come at just the right time
A time when our hearts can’t hold longer
Who see our hearts broken and shattered
And are determined to make it feel better
The ones who give much without barter
Only to be there, and help in every way
Only to care, and stand by us night and day

The ‘she’s-just-my-friends’ of this world
Who speak the most comforting words
Checking and making sure we’re always fine
Even when she has to silence her own cries

The ‘he’s-just-my-friend’ in a woman’s world
The one who put his feelings in a box
Just to see she isn’t under any pressure
But who offer secret prayers unmeasured
The one who persevere with much patience
Just for a chance he might one day get a ‘yes’

The ‘She’s just my friend’ of a man’s life
Who hopes that his eyes be full of light
Being able to discern what stands before him
Being able to see this ‘answer’ to his prayerful wish
Who prays that he might find happiness
Even if it breaks her own tender heart
The one who know him too well
Yet endures all the time he looks else where

Thank God for them
The ‘he’s-just-my-friend’
The ‘she’s-just-my-friend’

The ones who becomes
My best friend
My only friend

Who eventually become
My Boyfriend
My Girlfriend

To my: ‘She’s just my friend’

Oya tag(or send to) your ‘he’s just my friend or she’s just my friend

(Inspired by Toyosi, from Jenifa’s Diary, Season 3, Episode 5)

Sleep Sweet

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Olalekan Owonikoko